Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seven Wizard of Oz Themed Blog Posts Rattling My Brain

What a crazy week! What a crazy month!  Blogging time ... well there wasn't even sleeping time, so blogging time was non-existent.  I have had the Wizard of Oz on my mind.  If I were to make time to write, here are the potential blog posts:

Clicking Heels Three Times And Other Fantasies Fit For An Urban Princess.  If I could click my heels three times, I'd go to Park City every day for lunch and Paris on the weekend.  And no, I don't mean Paris, Idaho.

Find Me The Pot of Gold At the End of the Rainbow.  I'm not running out of money or anything, but a few satisfying golden opportunities would suffice.  In my next life, I wanna get paid to walk on the beach (doing something legal and moral, that is).

Confessions of a Cowardly Lion.  My friend claims single guys have no balls (her words).  Here's a baseball test for you men out there.  There's an uncomfortable situation involving a woman in your life.  Do you step up to the plate or do you stay on the bench?  Yep, you.

The Relative Merits of Placebo Hearts. They can't feel a thing, for starters.  Instead, we have drugs and alcohol.  Go Jose Cuervo.  That said, I don't drink much and I do feel. 

We're Off to See the Wizard Break Dance and Sing Karaoke.  The whole ambiance of the City of Oz would have been improved if the Wizard had danced and sang more.  He was incredibly ... well boring, not to mention an urban legend without substance.

Why Are We Following the Yellow Brick Road Again?  It doesn't make sense to keep following the same road if Oz holds no fascination.  Better to suck it up and take the road less traveled.  The road can be is literal or figurative as necessary to stop chasing parked cars and live abundantly.

If I Only Had A Brain Dump. That's right. If I had a brain dump, I would have blogged.