Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Concert Blogging Impasse

Longer working hours, shorter days, non-stop phone calls, and social events have made blogging difficult lately. I scoped out Best Buy and found one of those mini laptops for only $249 on sale. The compact size is perfect for my purse and writing posts (at least drafts) during my lunch hour … what a concept. I wasn't fast enough and now the price is back up to $299. So I'll wait.

To complicate concert blogging, I decided the batch of concerts last weekend did not merit honorable mention as far as a name and a review.  I opted out because one lead singer slammed her lips to the microphone and it created considerable vibration that interfered with her vocal tone, or maybe that was the tone regardless. Either way, it was difficult if not unacceptable listening. Off-key, out of tune does not a pleasant listening experience make, nor does mumbling into the microphone. When the drums and the guitars are not in synch, it's like trying to dance to a rhythm not unlike an old man with hiccups.  And to think I invited friends to this?  One lead singer's overdone falsetto vocals reminded me of the woman in the room next to mine in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital where my daughter was born. When I mentioned the wailing, the nurses told me she was at the same stage of labor as me. This was a surprise because I was sorting grocery store coupons all over my bed and not even humming. 

Back to music … I love all kinds of music, even what some would dub mediocre music, but I hate bad execution. Lack of "perfect pitch" talent is not such an issue as it'd seem. I've heard musicians who have no vocal range whatsoever passionately screaming into a microphone, and, because their rhythm and instrumentation are over the top, they score with the crowd.

Nobody knows their own blind spots, those areas invisible to the artist, yet blaringly visible to everyone else. Aspiring artists need accurate, honest feedback and receptivity to such feedback.

In any event, I don't want to discourage budding talent nor whine incessantly about underperformances.  I'd rather go silent on identities and let these artists get needed coaching from peers and improvement to their execution, just as I would hope for same myself. {Tomorrow is another day.}


  1. Yup, blogging time can be hard to find.. I'm lusting after a new one of those cute little netbooks myself....

  2. Well let's keep in touch on that ... comparing prices among friends is never a bad thing to do!