Thursday, January 14, 2010


In the recent past, I subscribed to Investopedia's Finance Word of the Day, and discovered the term FUNemployment. FUNemployment means that you are having fun while seeking your next job opportunity. In some cases, it may be termed "job hunt light" or for others, job hunt on a cruise ship. FUNemployment tends to attract the young, single, and unencumbered who prefer trips to Europe or margaritas on the beach to re-establishing themselves in the workforce.

Blogs and websites devoted to FUNemployment are thriving. Here are just a few ... - Featuring "fun things to do while other people are at work," this site lists outings, events, and activities in San Francisco, LA, Washington DC, and New York City. I wonder who can afford to live on those cities sans job. - This is a radio show devoted to fun off the job. - This blog went inactive when the blogger got another job in July 2009.

After being laid off in August, I was busily occupied with my daughter's September wedding. Then, I did some risk policy consulting for three months on a contract basis, followed immediately afterwards by a bustling houseful of family here during the holidays.

This is my first full week of FUNemployment. I've gone to yoga a lot and have attended two get-togethers with friends. I'm not having so much fun that I want to devote a blog to FUNemployment, but I'm glad it exists because UNemployment has an ugly side.

The blogger of Jobless and Less, who's been laid off four times in nine years, confessed that being unemployed is like an emotional roller coaster, and I couldn't agree more.

You wonder if the layoff could've been prevented if you had performed at a higher level, or if your former colleagues are pitying you. On the up side, you may sleep in til almost 9 am and not feel too guilty. And a state of mind ... "I'm going to have fun today!" warrants some consideration for those who can.

Besides talking to a headhunter today about a couple of job opportunities, I chatted with friends and family, and studied charts for stocks that I own. A busier than usual day, I haven't gone to yoga nor have I checked my horoscope. But soon, I'm heading to a concert in Park City, something I wouldn't have been able to do when I was working 60 hour weeks for my previous employer.

Hello FUNemployment. Count me in.

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