Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Fifteen Milliseconds of Fame Have Come and Gone Without Mention of My Name

I read 100s of blogs. A stranger mentioned me in their blog today. It is one thing to engage in the somewhat narcissistic activity of blogging about yourself and your life and your friends, but quite another to hear someone else has blogged about you. As if you're a celebrity.
Is This My Fifteen Minutes of Fame? Most of my allotted fifteen minutes of fame was used doing public relations radio spots. WTKK was a small country radio station in Durham, North Carolina with a huge velvet Elvis wall hanging in the lobby. On the biggest live radio microphone I have ever seen, I invited everyone in town to come for "beer and dares" in the Nature Park (inhabited by deer and bears) at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science where I worked. No eight-second tape delay there. We had good attendance that weekend. I didn't get fired. Go figure.

Me and Fame Go Way Back. When I was young, I thirsted for fame. I was so hoping my dad would get elected president so that I could be famous before I turned 18 and began my career as a famous actress. Too bad he never ran ... he'd have been a great president, and I could've been famous. The acting career never got off the ground, really. I was Tree #2 in a play when I was a Brownie.

What's a Girl To Do? Seriously, what should I do? Shall I famously contact the blogger to set up a time for tea? Or a tee time? Maybe a tanning salon visit? No, I won't. I have connected the dots. This is a "friend of a friend of a friend" situation, not a signal of my pending fame. Still, I am going to wait this one out, and see if my name or additional references to me come up again in the blogosphere. It could be cool to find out about myself and my life from unknown sources. I'll keep everyone posted.

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