Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Manifested Tulips Today

Yesterday, I posted the URL to a floral sale on my Facebook profile. With Valentine's Day coming, this was a deal too good to pass up, even for those who get to be their own Valentine this year.

The package: $39 for a beautiful bouquet of tulips, a box of chocolates, AND a $50 gift card for is a web site that features dozens of restaurants all across the US, including many of my favorites here in town. The gift card works like this ... you go on the web site, pick out where you want to eat from the many delicious choices, then print out the gift certificate.

I LOVE flowers and sadly with my tight budget my frequent flower purchases at Costco have moved from the "need" to "want" category. And I have loved tulips all my life, since I was a child.

I almost ordered. I had input my name, address, and credit card number, then decided, welllll, maybe this is a little too self-serving at a time like this.

Click. I logged off the website before the order was final. And I didn't think about it again, til today.

First, the doorbell rang and it was Fed Ex. A box of flowers sat on my doorstep. When I opened the box, I found tulips. Just like in the picture online. My parents had sent me flowers for Valentine's Day. I searched the box pretty thoroughly and concluded they ordered the tulips but not the chocolate and gift card. They are beautiful!

So this afternoon, my email included a better special offer from Pro Flowers ... they were reducing the price of the package by 10%, so now I could get the same package for $35. So being the quantitative soul I am, I pondered, is it now worth the 10% off, the $4 discount, to have $50 worth of dining, a box of chocolates, and 15 more tulips, delivered next week? Yeah, in my case, it probably is.
Interestingly enough, my mom had no idea I'd posted an ad for flowers on Facebook yesterday. I'm pretty certain she's known about my passion for tulips for a long time.

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