Monday, February 1, 2010

Offspring-Assigned New Year's Resolutions ... An Update

For 2010, each of the children got to select New Year's Resolutions for me. These were in addition to my own resolutions. Scores are year-to-date and are tabulated by me since no one else possibly could do such assessment.

From Phil: Please stop talking on your cell phone if someone is with you. It's rude. Score: 89%.

So about the cell phone ... this means that I have tried really hard to resist the urge to answer when I'm with someone else. Phil is right. It may be hurtful to those present when we behave as if the person on the phone (who isn't with you) has priority. Some people have this "I am soooooooooo important that I can interrupt the person I am with to speak on the phone to " disease a lot worse than me, but admittedly, I have it. I do reserve the right to answer my phone for emergencies or when I know the caller is going to be wiring $10,000 in cash, however. And sometimes, Phil, it's you calling. That creates a real conflict.

From Angie: Please stop driving on the wrong side of the street. You might get in a head-on collision. Score: 82%.

I only drive on the wrong side of the street in the neighborhood side streets, not on the major roads, lest anyone wonder if they'll see me on the wrong side of Highland Drive or I-215. Yes, driving on the wrong side of the street is a bad and dangerous habit, but it's one that is shared by some of my neighbors. This has to do with irregular (?) grading that makes you feel like you are on a weird Disney-like racetrack if you stay in the lane. To make matters worse, there are no lines on the street. How do I even know if I have crossed the line if there is no line? It's especially embarrassing to slip on this resolution with Angie in the car, which has already this year.

Note: the pictures shown in this post were taken by me. I was driving down my street very slowly and talking on my cell phone to both of my children at once.


  1. Hmmm... Well I do agree that Phil's resolution doesn't help him much considering he is rarely the one with you in person. It's very beneficial to me however. It IS much appreciated to spend time with you where we can have a conversation rather than me eavesdropping.

    As far as driving on the wrong side of the road, no there aren't lines and one does sometimes veer slightly onto the lane of oncoming traffic. Completely moving into the other lane to the point that you are next to parked cars facing the opposite direction is a different story. Very scary. I hope you don't have to learn this lesson the hard way.

  2. Please tell me if you are with someone else so I can let you go. I always feel bad when I realize you're with someone else and talking to me, but I don't always know.