Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thanksgiving Rap

Once I spent Thanksgiving Day in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The band: a band of locals dressed in traditional pilgrim attire.  The music: monotonic drum beats oh every eight seconds, nothing you could do a hand jive to.  From what I've read, back in the pilgrim heydey, not so much as a whistle or hum was allowed, even in church.

I'm so thankful that since those times, our world has become a melting pot of music.  Blues, jazz, classical, reggae, bluegrass, country, rock, folk, heavy metal, funk, punk, hip hop, acoustic, alternative, new age, soul, liturgical, opera, disco, Latin, and so on.  And yes, I will admit to occasional fondness for rap.  The rap selection "Gobble You Up" transports you back to the 1620s and journeys to the joie de vivre that Thanksgiving Day has become.  Hope your day is very happy!


  1. I love your eclectic tastes and there is always something so cool to check out on your blog! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Thanks Kim ... I like to be expansive. I'm pretty sure this one was right on the edge. ;)

    And I hope I win the breakfast, by the way!