Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fleetwood Mac's Tusk: Bring Out Your Inner Primal / Dainty

Thinking back to September's hike to Diamond Hot Springs and the ensuing discussion of dating and relationships brings memories of hearing Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk," over and again during the two-plus hour car ride.  "I'm primal and dainty," said our driver as he set the CD player to "Tusk."  He painted a visual of himself wearing but a loin cloth, with he and his woman chasing one another around a campfire by the moonlight.  We learned about this fantasy primal scene in more detail with each playing of the song.  I'm still uncertain where the dainty fits in, but maybe with another 50 or so listens to the song, I'll know.

Press PLAY and visualize what you will, for it's Friday and you'll have time to create your perfect primal scene and recover by Monday. 

Do something primal this weekend, everybody! Full moon!

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  1. Update, update! Saturday I met "dainty" and she's a doll. Perfect for Mr. Primal. They're already talking about the Tarzan and Jane Halloween costumes. Fun times.