Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shaney McCoy: Blinded By the Light

And though the place I live lies far behind I feel like I’m headed home.
--Shaney McCoy in “Headed Home”
“Lights, camera, action” took on a whole new meaning to Shaney McCoy last Saturday evening. Though she couldn't see the packed to capacity crowd at her video recording party at MacNichol Guitars in Murray, Utah, Shaney delivered another flawless taste of folk, country and blues. If anything, Shaney's grown more comfortable with her music since she released her CD last November.
With transitioning colored lights blaring into her eyes, Shaney opened with her signature “Right As Rain” and the title track from her CD, “Bridges I Can't Burn.” After “Stop It Some More,” there was a short break to allow video to catch up. I overheard Shaney asking, “Where's Susi? Do we have any Kleenex?” She knows her song “Scars,” which echoes the sentiments of the Garth Brooks hit “The Dance,” touches me whether I'm hearing it in concert or on her CD at home.

Perfect sure sounds good but it’s never really ours
So in the end I’ll take the scars
The lyrics of each of the songs on “Bridges I Can't Burn” poetically illustrate the emotion and intensity of every day life and love situations. It's long-talk-at-10:30-on-Friday-night kind of music. Or … as I mentioned another time, you can clean your house on a Saturday afternoon while listening.
For those who haven't yet attended a concert at MacNichol Guitars, host Michael rolls out the proverbial carpet without so much as an inch of unused space. An inviting table was set up for wine, cheese, and other treats. Seats were available if you brought one, or a comfy cozy spot on the floor. The end result is the perfect venue from which to hear the musician up close and personal and to immerse oneself in the music.
Oft times my friends and I dance alone because the rest of the crowd is inhibited, tired, or too comfortable. Something's wrong when danceable music goes undanced. My friend Joe, who was seated across the room, immediately rose to the dancing challenge upon hearing the first few bars of Shaney's last song, “It's Alright To Dance.” Before long, the audience peeled themselves off their seats until the entire room was moving to the music. What a perfect ending to a magical evening.

It’s alright to dance, it’s alright to dance
You’ve done your share of cryin’, honey, now it’s alright to dance
Set List
Right As Rain
Bridges I Can't Burn
Stop It Some More
Headed Home
Tragic Figure
Other Side of the Hill
Little Things
I Feel Good
It's Alright to Dance



  1. Thanks for being a part of my musical journey, Susi!

  2. very nice perform. . . very nice video,
    greeting from mas raden