Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here's How Much Fun My Friends and I Had At the Young Dubliners/Swagger Concert on Saturday

Missed the concert? Press play and get jiggy without delay.

Last Saturday, I shared my love of the Irish rock bands Young Dubliners and Swagger with a few dozen of my closest friends.  For those of us who had jigged non-stop through Swagger and the Dubs at the Irish Festival in August and the Harry O's concert in late December, buying a ticket to their concert at The Depot in Salt Lake City was an easy decision. In February, a bunch of us went to Piper Down to hear Swagger and I got a few more converts.  Still others heard about the concert events I posted on and Facebook, or through their friends.  And then I actually told people I had a ticket for them to buy, which helped them make plans to go.  All told ... 57 unless there were more I didn't count.

For me, the Celtic rock-a-thon wasn't as much about the concert itself as it was about seeing everyone having a great time.  And of course, I was having a jiggy bit of fun myself.  The pictures have been posted to Facebook and captured much attention and, in some cases, vigorous debate about hidden agendas, subliminal meanings, intentional exorcisms, and other such.  Amazing how so many could be so apparently compromised, including in one photo, me.  The "notifications" were plentiful, informing that my Facebook friends and their friends were liking and commenting on my photos.  Several friends made concert photos their Facebook "profile pictures."  And why not? you only get to be a leprechaun once a year.  Incidentally ... I don't think I have attended a music event in recent history where I took so few pictures of the bands.

My blogger soul sister and friend Linda summed up the evening this way ...
I was not actually very familiar with the Young Dubliners prior to Saturday night's concert. I had seen Swagger at Piper Down a few weeks prior, and really enjoyed them, so I figured the Dubs would also be good. I was not disappointed. What a fun concert! It's a good thing we were all out on the floor as it was music that just made you want to move and groove. My ancestry is German, but after that concert I was really hoping that there is truth to the bit of family lore that says my great, great grandfather's love for the Irish parlor maid caused him to leave behind the family castle in Germany to immigrate to the states just so he could marry her! I'd like to think there really is a little Irish in me. - Linda

 I did the first jig when Swagger started up! - Joe
Lively, fun, energetic music. Great friends. Knew it'd get hot, but got even hotter. Enjoyed the spontaneous (huge) group swinging back and forth. Sore feet. Squished in between the masses, but still managed to find a little room to jig (or more accurately jump). Lots of sweaty people. Enjoyed the people who dressed up. Found it humorous in the beginning when there was about a half dozen of us short girls together in the front. - Anne
It was a blast. Everyone I met that night was so nice. My legs were pretty dead by the end of the night. I definitely need to retire the shirt I was wearing...not my color at all. That was my first time at The Depot.......what a great venue.  - Chris

All I can say is my feet and legs hurt for days from all the dancing!  - Carolyn
I have seen the Dubs on occasion and as always they did not disappoint. They rocked the house. Swagger, it was my first experience and they set the tone and the atmosphere for what was to come.  Shared the floor with old friends and made some new friends that night too. Hopefully I did not step on too many toes while trying to dance. Missed the leprechaun girls dancing though.  Thanks everyone for a wonderful time. - Joe
Pressed up against a hot and sweaty crowd - amazing music and fabulous dancing... Such an incredibly fun time!!! :)  - Karen
I danced so hard, I swear I saw short leprechaun girls up front. They were the best! LOL- Arthur

Other comments may be added here soon as my fellow groupies attempt to arrest their thoughts into a sentence or two.  Meanwhile, these pictures are worth at least a thousand words.  Enjoy!


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  1. What a great post! Looks like you had a BLAST!

  2. Hey gorgeous Susi ... so many fun-loving friends you have. I hope to be invited next time???

  3. Anonymous ... I do have much cherished, fun-loving friends. FYI a precondition to being invited to the next gig I cover would be to identify yourself! ;)