Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Groceries Rant, for Utahns Only

Here is the rant ... grocery. The word is pronounced \Gro"cer*y\. It's just one syllable longer than grocer. The pronunciation gro-shree is incorrect. Yet for reasons that defy explanation, I'm hearing lots of radio ads in Utah about gro-shrees. This hammering of the pronunciation is making me nuts, maybe not to the point where a support group is needed, but close. It's worse than my dislike of hearing someone say they're nauseous. No doubt, gro-shrees is a local dialect, but why wouldn't somebody go with the standard delivery? After all, we weren't all born in American Fark.

1 comment:

  1. If gro-shrees is a Utah thing that get's your goat, then you should visit southeast Ohio. It'll put you over the edge on pronunciation proficiency. I once taught adult basic reading and my 35 year old student couldn't understand why Immediately didn't begin with an 'E'.. E-meeditatly... It wasn't until I ventured to college did I realize I even had an accent. My college professor pointed out that we shouldn't say "I wint ta the store fir sum milk." Strange dialect is not unique to Utah. We cornered the market in the great state of Ohia!