Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Turn Your House Into a Concert Venue ... 5 Easy and Fulfulling Steps

Too lazy to get out to hear live music?  Imagine going to a concert without leaving the house.  You too can host a house concert and bring the music to you.  Here's how a few of my friends planned and pulled off a wonderful evening of music, all in Monica's warm and beautiful home:

1) Reel in some musicians.  Bobby did all the leg work here and snagged three musicians, on a Saturday night, no less.  Be sure to let guests know to bring a donation which typically goes 100% to the musicians.  The recommended rate in Utah is usually $5 - $15, but I have seen as high as $20.  Musicians will likely want to bring CDs and related merchandise to sell to guests.  If you are in need of musicians to do a concert in your home, please let me know and I will put you in touch with some appropriate contacts who can help you.   Just to be clear, most likely you will be able to find emerging local and regional artists, not Katy Perry or Justin Bieber.

2) Make room for guests.  Monica turned her living room into a concert hall ... she agreed to host, moved furniture, and called in chairs from friends.  Plan on chairs and possibly pillows or guests may sit on the floor.

3) Invite a few dozen of your favorite people.  A Facebook invitation with RSVP required yielded over 50 guests, plus children, some of whom watched the concert and others who played in Monica's basement.  Some house concert guests invite the local "universe," while others limit to friends or friends of friends.  Facebook and email are both great ways to generate interest.
4) Manifest food and libations.  Ask the guests to bring food and drinks. Monica had plates, cups, utensils, and napkins.  The guests did the rest.  Everyone shows up an hour or so before the show to munch, drink, chat with friends, and find a good seat.

5) Enjoy the show.  House concerts are an intimate setting where you and your guests can see the musician perform "up close and personal."  You will get a real glimpse into their music and you will be able to sing along, if you know the words.

After the show, there will be more time for mingling and livelihood.  Fun times! 




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