Sunday, May 29, 2011

U2 Concert Extra: The Fine Art of Taxi Stuffing and More

As a "sidebar" to my U2 concert review, I must admit I was completely disappointed by the lack of planning and coordination around public transportation.  With limited parking and a Trax line which stopped preciously at the stadium, we expected to be able to ride light rail.  But one would have had to crowd surf to get on one of the cars by the time they reached Trolley Square and no extra cars were running either before or after the concert to accommodate the massive crowd of over 40,000.
Unlike some of my friends, we arrived on time to the concert but only because we shoved eight of us into a cab, and we ended up walking down the hill back to Trolley Square after the concert because Trax obviously had insufficient capacity.  Thank goodness I didn't go with my original plan to take Trax from 53rd South or I'd have arrived home well after 1 am.  As it was, it was 12:30 am.  I toothpicked my eyelids open for work the next morning.
On a more positive note, because of lacking table space, we made friends with three gents and a lady from Australia.  Desert Edge Pub was overrun with concert goers a few hours before the 7 pm start time so we all agreed to share a table.  Imagine traveling all the way from down under to hear U2.  Their company has offices here in Salt Lake City, and hence, they'll be back in another 7-8 weeks.  We've encouraged them to put more concerts on the agenda for their return visit.

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