Monday, May 30, 2011

Lessons From the Enchanted Forest: Cambriah Heaton and Kinfolk

I am doing my best to keep my head on straight
I am doing my best
I am doing my best to keep the madness at bay
I am doing my best
Put here on this planet to do my very best
Oh yes my best!
-- Kinfolk

Kinfolk's Cambriah Heaton shared her enchanting world with Ricochet House Concerts Wednesday in a magical performance that left the entire audience spellbound.  With her delicate, whispery voice, Cambriah shares the secrets of the vast universe with poignant lyrics and warm melodies.  Her fairy-of-the-mystical-forest aura leaves no question that she's an old and wise soul, in spite of her youthful appearance.
Kinfolk opened Ricochet's outdoor concert series with inspiring songs about love, life and nature from their CD, set to be released in August.  Kinfolk is the spritely Cambriah (vocals, guitar), along with Chad Taylor (bass) and Nicki Singleton (fiddle). Together, they played two sets to a crowd of musicians and music lovers alike.  The upbeat lyrics to "Fortune Cookie" spoke to me, as if from a crystal ball:

You have the ablity to overcome obstacles, said my fortune cookie.
So I took one look as I read it and thought, okay let's go cookie.
You got to pick up your feet. You got to set the pace.
Once you set yourself in motion you've practically won the race.

Cambriah's messages are not naively spoken but are sourced from her deeply human experience of life, including losing a child.  Her daughter Mandalynn's ashes are front and center onstage when the group performs.  "She is our angel," said Cambriah.
As Cambriah introduced "Mountain Song" and "Earth Song" her passion for nature as both a healer and a rich resource emerged.  Everyday love songs such as "Typical Love Song" and the endearing "Morning Lullaby" rounded out the program.
The sunsoaked ambiance of Ruthie Naccarto's backyard was transformed to an azure sky and a cool breeze by the beginning of the second set.  And the mood turned quiet and pensive as Kinfolk sang "Reasons" and "Blessed Be."  "Love Wild," an impassioned tune about wrestling angels while love takes flight, energized the crowd one last time.  I left Ruthie's backyard inspired and a little wiser, almost as if I'd spent an evening under the tutelage of an angel.
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Set List
Where Have You Been
Mountain Song
Eyes of Ours
Fortune Cookie
Doin' My Best
Long Roads
Penchant for Habit
Typical Love Song
Morning Lullaby
Earth Song
Blessed Be
Love Wild


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  1. Cambriah is amazing! It's looking like your muse is back for the duration. Hugs.