Sunday, August 15, 2010

Music Marathon, Day 2, part B: Toby Keith

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Songs about America pride, military, and patriotism underscore Toby Keith's concert repertoire.  Well, also a familiar country music themes ... whiskey and women to name a few.  This year's concert at the USANA Amphitheater was no exception.  A Ford truck made a dramatic entrance to the stage after a short video featuring Keith and his Ford sponsorship.  The show began with cannon blasts and fireworks, with Keith singing as he sat on the back of the truck.  "I Wanna Talk About Me," "How Do You Like Me Now?" and "Shoulda Been a Cowboy," and other hits were part of the mix.
Keith mentioned to the crowd that he'd been performing in Utah for 17 years and had been to Utah's bars.  He added a few lines to the "I Love This Bar," about Utah's hot divorcees.  Well, at least some of us appreciated him saying so.  Keith tested Utah's conservative reputation with “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again,” featuring a video of dancing marijuana cigarettes.  I didn't see anyone running for the exits.  At one point in the concert, he strung together about five red neck songs and made reference to the "trailerhood," the caravan of semis and buses behind the amphitheater.
 The most touching moment of the evening was Keith's explanation of having lost his close friend, NBA player and jazz bass guitarist Wayman Tisdale, to cancer.  He spoke of a pain he'd never experienced before, with any previous loss.  When he sang "Cryin' For Me," it made me think of having lost my best friend to a heart attack a couple of years ago.  I think Michele would be proud of how we've all carried on and grown -- her daughter Celeste, husband Corey, and me -- but I still just wish for one more conversation!

Joined by Trace Adkins for the crowd pleaser "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue," electrified with fireworks on stage and streamers shooting into the VIP section.  No question, Keith he knows better than most how to do a grand finale.


 Disclosure: I was a volunteer at this concert. I received NO compensation for this review.

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