Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Marathon, Day 8: Norah Jones

Press PLAY to hear one of Norah's great hits, "Creepin' In."
Norah Jones was at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City.  I didn't have tickets and I'd made other plans so I couldn't even go walk the hill and listen in from the free mountain seats.

However, I did send representation.  I emailed Joe and Amy a set list from Norah's July 23rd concert in Rome.  I never did hear what Norah played but I'm sure the lineup was about the same as Italy, not that we here in Salt Lake City could supply an audience of gorgeous Italian men to ogle over Norah's beautiful face equaled only by her angelic voice. 

Maybe I missed the reviews in the Des News and the Trib, but aside from the pre-concert PR "news" and the rave reviews my friends gave, I didn't see a review of Norah's Utah concert anywhere.
Not surprisingly, Norah has quite a cache of songs on relationships.  She's a woman so it makes perfect sense.  As I was perusing Norah's songs and lyrics, "You Ruined Me" one caught my attention:
You ruined me now, though I liked it
Now I'm ruined, I'm trying to part with what's in my heart
You ruined me and how I thought I liked it
But I'm ruined my whole world is turned upside down.
Hmmmmmmmmm.  Love gone wrong is like a bad drug that takes awhile to get out of your system.  But eventually life goes on   Really.
Both Amy and Joe had friends in the "cheap seats" on the mountain.  Joe's photo montage on her blog captured the 2 pm arrival at Red Butte Gardens to stake out a temporary encampment from which to hear the concert.  Amy wished on a star from the concert venue.  Joe captured the nearly full July moon made its appearance over the hill about 9 or so pm.  I saw it, too, from the top of another mountain where I stood in awe at the breathtaking summer sky and saw a falling star or two. {smile}

 Photos courtesy of Joe and Amy

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