Sunday, August 15, 2010

Music Marathon, Day 3: Lake Effect at Park Silly Sunday Market

Sometimes the best laid plans go astray, and today was no exception.  I heard a knock at my door when I was still in bed.  A big oops.  It was my daughter and her puppy.  We'd arranged a fun Sunday morning breakfast, which quickly was revamped as lunch up in Park City at the Silly Markets as it was almost 11.

Getting coffee was slow as my grinder died.  And the puppy refused to do that which we knew she needed to do.  Eventually we headed out of the house for the Colin Robison concert at Miner's Park.  We found parking easily, but were distracted quickly as Daisy found a bed of daisies, and it was just too cute.

When we got to the Park Silly Sunday Market, a half block away, people swarmed Daisy.
"Oh she's so cute!"
"Look, a boxer!"
"Can I pet her?"
"How old is she?"
"Is this your first boxer?"
"How many kids do you have?" (asking my daughter, not me)
"Can I take her picture?"

Daisy handled all the attention quite well, and became an instant Miss Congeniality.  Our average traveling distance between booths and petting sessions for the puppy was about two booths.  Serious.  One man who had just lost his boxer a couple months earlier "visited" Daisy twice.  One woman ran up and grabbed Daisy into her arms, and Daisy responded with enthusiastic kisses.

We got tacos from one of the food court places and sat down right near the band, which had started playing about the time we found our way to the bottom of the hill.  Fortunately we were able to get free water for ourselves and the dog, who got very thirsty in the hot sun.
The band, Lake Effect, had a 70's-ish sound to me.  A couple of the songs they played were popular when I was in high school.  I made a mental note of that fun fact, but with juggling tacos, water, and my camera, I didn't make adequate mental notes of the dozen or so songs I heard.  Lake Effect had a very jazzy sound that made me want to tap my toes and dance.  I loved the saxophone!  My daughter had to get back home for skating practice so we never made it to the Colin Robison concert at Miner's Park.  Another time.

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