Sunday, September 5, 2010

Am I Becoming a Groupie?

My decision to attend the Dangermuffin concert by myself a couple weeks ago was maybe your first hint that maybe I really am becoming a groupie.  Wait, alas, after review of the Wikipedia definition of groupie, no, I'm not. 

A groupie is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity.

 Definitely not me.  As noted, I went alone to Dangermuffin to have some "me time."
The celebritization of America's musicians, as well as actors/actresses, professional athletes, and politicians, frankly, turns me off, just sayin'.  When I go to the concert, I'm not jockeying to be invited to the "trailerhood" behind the stage.  I'm at the concert, body and soul, for the music, one of my lifelong passions.  I love being "in the music" as defined by me. It's as good as any out of body experience (at least I'd think so), definitely an altered state.

As a child, I was a nursery rhyme fanatic.  I've played flute since age 10.  And over the years, I have learned to appreciate all types of music, including most recently heavy metal.  My latest favs are world music and the group Pink Martini, a 40s-esque sounding group with catchy tunes and playful lyrics. So far as I know, they're not headed for Salt Lake City, so an out of town journey might be warranted.
I am awestruck by watching and hearing flawless musical execution, Tim McGraw, case-in-point.  He makes his songs and his gig look so easy, yet if you really observe, every move is calculated and choreographed.  He's at the top of his game.  In much different genres, the same could be said about the Scorpions or Dave Matthews.  But I can be equally moved when I go to the Cathedral of the Madeleine and hear the choir, with their luminous harmonies.
A confession ... I like the syncopated poetry of rap, too, but I have my limits when the lyrics degenerate.  When I saw BB King at Kingsbury Hall, he said he wanted to be a politician to make laws against rap singers singing such derogatory lyrics about the ladies.  When he said that, the audience broke out into applause.  I couldn't agree more and have similar opinions about the lyrics from other genres also.  But how far is too far is a question with a million answers.  I'm all about free speech and freedom of expression, and I have an off button on my radio and I know how to use it.
Interestingly, since I have attended so many concerts this year, people are beginning to ask me what music events are on the horizon.  "What's this weekend?" or "Another concert tonight?"  Could be.  This blog is about to undergo somewhat of a transformation in that I will finally have a focus.  Salt Lake City and Park City have enough going on that if your ears and mine need to be tickled, options abound.  In fact, even if I had an evil twin, we wouldn't have time to do all the concerts between us.

I've missed quite a few music events in the last week or so as I have been feeling under the weather, but yesterday is proof I am on the mend.  I helped a new friend move into her new apartment downtown.  No, I didn't lift the heavy stuff, but I helped.  Later today, I'm going to hear a Santana look alike band.  {Stay tuned}


  1. Loved this post! Found you through twitter & I am in Provo - adding you to my Utah Bloggers Rock on the Beehive Blog roll - I look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Thanks so much Kimberly! Always good to network with other Utah bloggers and blog followers. My daughter's a blogger, too,, so maybe it's genetic. :0