Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twenty Steps To World Peace

"Peace is as much about getting the bombs out of our own hearts as out of the Pentagon budget." 
-- Colman McCarthy

Today and every day I wish for world peace.  But most especially today.   For think globally, act locally isn't just for recycling. And be the change you want to see in the world can save more than our ecosystems.

World peace is a momentum that begins with inner peace, namely mine and yours.  This movement begins in our homes and with our most intimate relationships.  It extends to our circle of friends and their friends and theirs and so on.  It ripples to our neighborhoods and our work places.

We can forgive.
We can care deeply.
We can offer to help.
We can love ourselves.
We can live in harmony.
We can stop bashing them.
 We can visualize abundance. 
We can detach from conflict.
We can listen and understand.
We can think peaceful thoughts.
We can be truly kind to everyone.
We can be fueled by love not fear.
We can seek positive in all situations.
We can look for the good in all people.
We can giggle at life's humorous moments. 
We can spend time with a friend who is lonely.
We can look into someone's eyes and smile from our toes.
We can say we're sorry to those we have hurt, and really mean it.
We can invite an adversary to dinner and perhaps reach an understanding.
We can let someone go in front of us at the grocery store or in rush hour traffic.

Imagine the ripple effect if everyone would do one extra peaceful thing each day!  A little bit of change makes a lot of difference.  World peace begins with each of us, especially you and me.  Maybe it's not too much to ask, if we start today. {me too}
Rainbows over Geneva, Switzerland photographed by Phil Bastian