Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reality Check: Ten Great Truths I Have Relearned This Summer

Summer of 2010 is drawing to a close.   It's been an unlikely one for me.  My "normal" summer schedule involves several out of town trips.  This summer, the closest I got to a vacation was living vicariously through the vacations of others (thanks for sharing ... some of you went to really great places!) and a multitude of music gigs in Park City and Deer Valley.  I'm not complaining though.  Sometimes when you forget about what you don't have and focus on what you do have, good things happen.

Truth #1 - There are no accidents.  People come into your life for a reason.  Surprises, good and bad, present us with opportunities to learn.

Truth #2 - Kind people show love daily.  Ever notice how the happiest people are outer focused? There's a reason for that smile on their faces!

Truth #3 - Girl talk is a foreign language to men.  There's nothing quite like seeing the flustered look on a guy's face when he's with three or more women engaged in female chatter. 

Truth #4 - It's not easy having an east coast start time and mountain time bedtime.  The main upside is having an east coast quittin' time, at least most days.  ;)

Truth #5 - Paydays are exhilarating. Pantyhose and Mondays? Not so much.

Truth #6 - Some rules are made to be broken (note, I said some).  Knowing which ones makes all the difference.

Truth #7 - Puppies are very cute.  My Grandpuppy Daisy is an adorable young thing.

Truth #8 - Utah is a pretty, great state.  I love it here ... the sky, the mountains, the sun, the rain, the sunsets.  Still, a few aspects of Utah are grossly deficient, so I'm relearning the advantage of going out of state to get  ...{oops}

Truth #9 - Life is non-stop theater.  Tomorrow and next week will bring a new set of characters and scenes.  Sometimes comedy, other times drama.

Truth #10 - Embrace the moment.  Live each minute like it's a gift.  Because ... it is.


  1. Great list of truths and so true. Keep in touch. Glenda

  2. Thanks ... this is what I thought about all summer long. ;)