Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buyin' Time's Love Gone Wrong Tune Outperked the Best

A relationship gone haywire is sort of like a train wreck.  Yes, I would know.  I smiled wryly, laughed, and nodded to another of the concert posse as we heard Buyin' Time's rendition of "Can't Let Go," the perkiest, peppiest of break up songs.  Depressing topic aside, nothing could out-invigorate Buyin' Time's dobro, mandolin, guitars, and fiddle serenading us at the Murray City Park Amphitheater on Labor Day as part of the Murray Arts Festival.

I'm like a fish out of water
A cat in a tree
He don't even want to talk to me
Well it's over I know it but I can't let go
He won't take me back when I come around

Says he's sorry then he pulls me out
I got a big chain around my neck
And I'm broken down like a train wreck
Well it's over I know it but I can't let go

Buyin' Time then graced us with early Christmas, "The King is Coming," "Amanda's Reel," and other bluegrass tunes.  In spite of the liveliness of the music, we didn't dance.  It was sweatshirt and blanket cold, so we huddled in the stands and listened as we realized that our musical summer to remember was coming to a close. {cool and crisp isn't so bad}

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