Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybe ...


Maybe happiness is a state of mind, not a “door” that opens and closes with the changing events of your life.

Maybe you can’t really “have” anyone or anything besides the inner peace you can find within yourself.

Maybe you should appreciate the lessons you learn every day, not just those learned on the days when your job, your love life, and your finances are going great.

Maybe the happiest people have abundance consciousness, not a continual sense of lacking.

Maybe you should remember the past so that you don’t repeat your mistakes.

Maybe God doesn't make “wrong” people.

Maybe your dreams should be coupled with the solitary will to make them happen.

Maybe you should be slower to stray from the moments that really matter … a walk in the mountains, the smell of a bouquet, or a hug from a child.

Maybe if you miss someone, you should let them know.

Maybe you should ask for forgiveness – and mean it - when you know you have hurt someone.

Maybe once you realize that love is the most powerful force in the world, you can discontinue the hidden rage you carry on the road, to the office, and in the grocery store parking lot.

Maybe you should consider that your actions, whether kind or otherwise, may ripple from those whose lives you touch to the lives of those who they touch, and so on.

Maybe some people don’t seem to need people, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like one of them.

Maybe it doesn’t take blood, sweat, and tears to know that God puts certain people in your life for a reason.

Maybe you should be aware that it’s okay to discard trash, but it’s never okay to discard people.

Maybe when someone does something kind, you should thank them.

Maybe one’s soul mate is found by looking in the mirror first, looking outward second, and looking together in the same direction third, and finally, never looking back.

Maybe you ought to ask people who have been happily together for 50, 60, or 70 years for advice on what really matters in a relationship, instead of consulting, Cosmo, or Oprah.

Maybe you should not be asking for happiness, but trying to spread it everywhere you go.

Maybe you should encourage those you love most to form close bonds with each other, so that after you’re gone, they can look to each other for strength and love.

Maybe you should send love every day to those who touch your life in positive ways.

Maybe you should extend heartfelt forgiveness to those who have touched your life in negative ways, for holding grudges causes wrinkles and heart disease, and it hurts you more than anyone else.

Maybe instead of automatically forwarding emails and posting to Facebook, you should invite your friends to share a coffee with you so they can “get” the message, whatever it is.

Maybe you should take note of these words. Maybe you already have. Only you know for sure.

I wrote "Maybe" about four years ago one random evening.

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