Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Blog-a-versary, FeliciaEvita!

On January 14, 2010, like several million others, I got a hairbrained idea to start blogging.  In the early blogging days I posted on such exotic topics as making laundry soap, bathrooms in New York, keeping wild elephants at bay with powerful hot peppers, and spying cats in my yard, with the occasional post on music.  My theme wasn't consistent though ... I went to New York City and didn't even blog about seeing West Side Story on Broadway.  Imagine.  

The randomized posting methodology continued, more or less, until August when I decided to treat myself to a month of music and then blog about it.  The rest is history, and I'm not looking back.  Yes, I sneak in a few posts on cute puppies, poetry de caffeine, and my friends in far off places, but my passion is concerts, the musicians, the crowds, and the vibe.

In connecting with concert bloggers from other parts of the country, I'm learning: we have a fantastic music scene here in Utah with great concerts, gorgeous outdoor venues, engaging indoor venues, and lots of musical choices.  Many of the concerts are free or tickets are inexpensive by comparison to the larger markets.  It keeps getting better and better.  I hope reading this blog will inspire you to go to a concert now and then.   Look for me with the crowd by the stage.

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