Friday, April 30, 2010

Bathroom Break ... The Waldorf Astoria's Ladies Room Gives New Meaning to Posh

I'm definitely not crass enough to photograph the inside of a women's restroom. But I hope the photo above gives a bit of a hint of the graciousness and elegance of the midtown Manhattan Waldorf Astoria's ladies room. Located on the first floor, each stall is complete with toilet, sink, mirror, and embossed hand towels. If you happen to be on Park Avenue and nature calls, this is your answer. Ahhhhh ... so nice. So much better than a McDonald's restroom.

As is the typical rule, you must be a customer to use the facilities. You may want to eat at one of four restaurants or shop at the gift shop.
Or you may want to sit in the lobby. Apparently the lobby was where women waited while the men paid the bills as it was inappropriate for a woman to see money change hands. Bring a man to pay your bills, if possible.

The two ton, 9 foot tall gilded century old clock at the center of the main lobby was created for the World's Fair in 1893. The clock's chimes ring every 15 minutes. Very posh indeed.

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