Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day ... From a More Foolish Time

A couple of lovely examples of my foolishness ...

A co-worker and I found the boss's passport when we were cleaning his office. His passport picture was the typical, unflattering mug shot ... eyes bugged out, pasty blank stare, you get the idea. We had the IT department make his photo the screensaver (in postage stamp format, repeated 100s of times on the screen) for every person in the office on April Fools Day.

A handsome co-worker had a way with women, but felt men who made more money always won over the women he wanted. He received an email solicitation to apply as a manager of an escort service for professional women who needed a date to their office functions, promising six figures and a company car. This culminated with an "interview" by the president of the escort company at TGI Fridays. In reality, the manager of TGI Fridays played the role of president (he was the only employee there not dressed in a ridiculous outfit) and interviewed my co-worker. All the women in the office were having lunch in the restaurant at the time, and the employees of TGI's were photographing and videotaping the entire scene.

I haven't considered what fun this year's April Fools Day might elicit or who might be the recipient of my fooling around. But the day is young ...

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