Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gemstone Potpourri: From Gem Faire to Wedding

My daughter and I have become huge fans of the Gem Faire, held three times a year at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah, as well as many other cities throughout the U.S. Gem Faire is a traveling jewelry and gemstone circus of sorts, with an endless array of gems and beads for hobbyists, jewelry designers. The vendors don't always know how to spell their home locale, i.e. note the spelling of San Diego on the banner.

When we go, we always spend a small sum on gemstones, findings (the clasps, hoops, spacers, and crimping beads, which hold everything together). I have been collecting inventory with the idea of a jewelry making business. At this point, I am considering a slightly different path, to be explored and explained more fully later.

In any event, last year at this time, we purchased all the jewelry wire, pearls, sparkly beads, and all the makings of some gorgeous jewelry for my daughter's closest friends and family who would stand up for her wedding. I even made earrings for my daughter to wear. I won't say how long it took to make all of it, but I did receive many compliments.

Here are two closeup shots of the necklaces. The lovely ladies from left to right are junior bridesmaid Briana (my niece) and bridesmaid Alissa, my daughter's college roommate, now a budding actress in Los Angeles.

To the left are the Cannon - Hale girls who were in the wedding party. Note that the necklace styles were a slightly younger look for the junior bridesmaid, the light bearers, and the flower girl.

Clockwise from top left: Briana (my niece), Angie (my daughter), Megan (my niece), Natalie, Allison (flower girl), and Jessica (all daughters of my cousins).

Below are the bride and bridesmaids: Megan, Ashley, Alyssa, Angie, Jessica, Alissa, and Megan. Yes, the wedding party had lots of "same name" girls, so we called them Roommate Megan, Cousin Megan, Skating Alyssa, Roommate Alissa, Roommate Jessica, and Cousin Jessica to communicate more clearly.
Photos (except the Gem Faire) were taken by Jacque Lynn Photography, the official wedding photographer.

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