Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Llamas Were Out On This Fine Spring Morning

A few scenes from my morning walk, for your viewing pleasure.

You probably have cool things to see near your house, too. Llamas live less than a mile away from me. Today they were savoring the cool grass and sunny, warm morning. (Hint: click on this picture and all the rest to enlarge. You'll practically see the llama's smile if you do.)

The view on my walk/jog through the hood today was nigh unto unparalleled.

The spring snow melt has begun.

My parish, St. Thomas More, won an AIA Architectural Merit Award in 1995. The windows at the front let in spectacular light in shades of turquoise and lavender.

The construction project to expand parish classroom and supporting facilities continues ...

When I see this view, it reminds me of Switzerland.
Annemarie and I have joint ownership of this mountain. Well, not really, but we speak about it as if we do.

The hill ahead is better than a Thighmaster for burning fat.

And finally, a view from the back porch.

* * *

Happy Spring, everybody. Thanks for reading!

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