Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Should I Move to the Big Apple?

Should I move to NYC?
A girl's gotta dream. To be honest, I am considering it for career and personal reasons. To date, I've received more than a dozen supportive and helpful responses. And some others. Here are excerpts from some of the more vinegar-y online responses I got to that very question.

"As a single woman you can go to cultural events and hope you don't meet a sociopath."
Like I haven't met any in SLC ...

"NYC is the most expensive place in USA and you are suggesting that someone with limited assets and no contacts go there." (At this point, two people were fighting among themselves over whether I should go, and no I did not divulge whether I had the money to go or not.)

"It is not Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City."
Fantasy shattered ... and I was so hoping ...

"Multi millionaires have fun because they have private jets to take them to ranches in Utah and Montana or the Hamptons."
Hmmmm ... like multimillionaires can only have fun if they're leaving NYC? and they come to Utah? wonder where these millionaire ranches are located.

Still gathering information ... I'll post an update if I make a decision.

Photos courtesy of Phillip Bastian, NYC resident. I always stay at Chez Phil's Place when I visit NYC.

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