Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All Lifts Lead to the Top of the Mountain

My son went skiing at Lake Tahoe over spring break. From the top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking. The expanse of the mountains, lake, and trees are a wonder to behold at the top and even on the way downhill.

Sometimes I think it would be great if life offered us a proverbial ski lift where we could get to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view along the way with minimal effort except hopping off the lift. Sometimes life does give us a lift. But often we may be hiking, snowshoeing, or climbing to the top of the mountain, depending on the circumstances. No matter, it's possible to get to the top.

The first time I heard "All paths lead to the top of the mountain" was in 2003 when Annemarie said it to me. We were discussing the battle to be "right" in religion, but it could apply similarly to the desire to be "right" in politics, life philosophy, or personal tastes. In those downward spiraling, critical, undermining moments, I force myself to ponder:

Is my path

going up?
.................reaching for the top?

Whether on a ski lift, on a hiking trail, or even in your every day life, I hope the answer is an emphatic YES.

Many paths lead to the top of the mountain. But you have to remember to go up to get to the top.

Photography by Phillip Bastian

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