Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Assorted, Random and Trivial Thoughts About Fenway Park

"Looks like she jumped off her garage to fit into those pants." 
-- An anonymous house guest who visited us in Cambridge 

House guests say the funniest things. We were at Fenway Park, in the cheap seats (see ticket price below).  A young lady walked by wearing pants as tight as her skin.  This was a thin young lady who bought her clothes "extra thin." Apparently.

Such is the microcosm of America that shows up for the games at Fenway Park in Boston.  Kids from the neighborhood whose grandfathers before them went to the games. Old men outside the ballpark yelling "get your hot daaahhgs, right here, get your hot daaaaghs."  Families, couples, singles, hippies, groupies, grandpas, distinguished looking businessmen in suits, girls in skin tight pants, and us.

History resonates from every bleacher, seat, walkway, the media boxes, and of course, the baseball field itself.  The park was home to baseball greats Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and many others.

Going to opening day became a tradition for us when we lived in Boston, as it already was for many Boston area natives since Fenway opened on April 20, 1912.  I've always felt the Red Sox blues about missing the first home game of the season.  Oh how I miss going to the game!  It was always an electric experience.  For my money, there's nothing like being at Fenway Park on opening day.  Unless you go any other day.  Even when Fenway is out of season, the energy feels akin to a sizzling power plant.

My son and I paid a visit to Fenway in the fall, after baseball season was over.  We sat in the Green Monster seats which were added in 2003, and he snapped some of the great views from the ballpark.

A couple years ago, both kids and I were vacationing in Boston on opening day. I really wanted the kids to experience this day of all days at Fenway, but StubHub, eBay tickets, and all the other usual sources didn't have a seat to be found.  Opening day was met with torrential rain and the game was canceled. I was hoping that we'd get in the next day, when the game was rescheduled, but it was not to be.  My daughter did get some great pictures of what it's like to stand outside Fenway Park on opening day. 

It was definitely a day for mixed emotions.  Even though we weren't inside, there were plenty of hot dogs and other ballpark delicacies to be had. 

Photography: Fenway Ticket circa 1986 (FeliciaEvita); Fenway (empty) - Phillip Bastian; Fenway (exterior) - Angela Fairbanks

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