Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jogging Journal: April 25th through May 4th

So inspired was I by my April 25th jog/walk that I decided to go every day hence, to get outdoors and boost my cardio fitness. Below I share my jogging journal with you, my esteemed readers.

April 25th - went jogging ... alas the beautiful spring weather spurred me to complete physical and emotional nirvana.

April 26th - day off (decided every other day was better).

April 27th - snow (will go next day, for sure).

April 28th - snow (worried about slipping, weak bones, osteo-whateveritis).

April 29th - snow (I really really really will go next day, for sure).

April 30th - oops, smashed toe into some unknown foreign object after yoga class and now it's purple and red all over and hurts like !@#%!@#%$ (can't even walk to car to get home from yoga). And the stock market was down. Can't run when the market drops by 159 points as I'm already hyperventilating.

May 1 - two excuses to not go jogging ... snow and toe (I really will go next day, if I can walk).

May 2 - another double excuse day (maybe tomorrow, if the weather improves and toe fades to light pink from deep purple).

May 3 - stock market was up solidly but I didn't sleep last night (wreckless jogging is not something I want to embrace lest Utah legislature use me as poster girl for enacting wreckless jogging laws ... plus already have bad reputation for wreckless driving on wrong side of street).

May 4 - YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I went jogging before yoga and rocked my yoga class.

I hope each and everyone who reads this is now inspired. You, too, can begin a jogging program. Yessireee!

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