Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Thumbs Up For The Latest Chick Flick ... "Sex and the City 2"

Yesterday morning I got a text from my friend "Jewelry Connie" re: going to the premiere of Sex and the City 2. Hmmm ... could I reorganize my day to go to the 4:30 show? I did.  Connie and I haven't seen each other in months so we caught up about jewelry, work, other stuff, in loud whispers all through the previews.

I haven't ever seen the television show "Sex and the City" for more than a few minutes. For most of the time it was playing, I was too cheap to subscribe to cable tv.  And besides, my short attention span usually pulls me away from tv, unless I'm laying on the couch for other reasons. The movie, however, held my attention the entire time, and that's amazing considering I sleep through most movies except the ones at Sundance Film Festival.

During the movie itself, we laughed almost the entire time, unless we were about to cry. Yes, some of the lines were corny, and yes, it's a chick flick, but the movie has everything a girl could want: an abundance of fashion, shoes, jewelry, purses, relationship drama, upscale New York apartments, gay best friends, foreign travel, female friendships, book clubs, and dancing, although perhaps seeing belly dancing to Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" was over the top.  And ... there were Samantha's sex scenes that were far more comical than passionate (still, not for the children).

The "Sex and the City" women from the tv show have "moved on" from the swinging single life for the most part. Some of the movie's themes that I was not expecting were about the tug-o-war between career and motherhood, motherhood and "me time," independence and marriage, and even menopause. The scenes of Arab wealth in Abu Dhabi (the movie was actually filmed in Morocco) made me want to venture out of my Mexico/Canada/European vacation mindset to places where I could ride a camel, but I could do without the spandex-but-way-beyond-modest swimsuits. Charlotte epitomized my never ending always worrying about what's going on at home. Oh ... and there was one theme near and dear to my heart: the ever-favorite experience of running into an old flame. Unlike me, Carrie was 6,700 miles from home and ran into her old flame.  At least it only happened to her once.

Incidentally, I joined a local "Sex and the City" social group in Salt Lake City, and was required to say which of the four main characters I most resembled. Based upon reading character descriptions, I decided I was most like Miranda. After watching Miranda (a hair shy of obsessive compulsive), I am pretty sure my assessment was right. Connie and I sat there and laughed. She knew my operating style all too well because we once worked together! Now the "new" me is asking to buy Connie's used jewelry beads and other parts from her stash (she buys gold and silver jewelry for resale to the refinery).

"Sex and the City 2" isn't an avant garde movie that would capture the imagination of a film festival crowd. Yet, to weave together so many women's themes - the things we talk about, worry about, laugh about, cry about - in an entertaining, two and a half hour movie - was truly a work of art. We stood out in the theater lobby and watched the mostly female audience exit.  Then Connie summed it up for the five of us in the group: "I needed that."  I quite agree. {smile}

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