Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Making Your Princess Dreams Come True

From the time I was young, I wished to be a princess. Since my dad worked for the Internal Revenue Service, I knew my HRH (Her Royal Highness) title was not going to be handed to me through noble birthright. As a teenager, I surveyed the world for eligible princes and attempted to determine whether they would consider marrying me, a foreigner.  Alas, my research yielded none such.

Cinderella was my part of my television diet as a child and I knew the princess lifestyle was perfect for me.  I wanted pretty much the entire package. A life of wearing elegant gowns with the most pleasing of fabrics next to my lily white skin and having a crown, preferably with a few gemstones for added flair, possessing long, wavy hair and speaking with a British accent, having a beautiful locket necklace around my neck, enjoying all the trappings of palace living, being transported in a royal carriage drawn by at least two if not four white horses, sitting on a throne and receiving beautiful, fragrant bouquets of flowers, attending grand balls, being the princess bride at a royal wedding, and of course, having my life described as "living happily ever after." What's not to like? Possibly, I could do without kissing frogs and the whole curtsy routine, thank you ma'am. 

Over the years, my princess goal has been shelved in favor of more practical objectives. One of my favorite life learnings ... and I wish I could convey this adequately and articulately to females everywhere ... is that you don't need a prince to be a princess.  Well, not entirely anyway.  That said, Princess Grace dreamed of and won the heart of a prince.  The point is you can be your own princess and create a royal life of richness (and I don't necessarily mean wealth but I definitely mean comfort and happiness). Let it happen for you!

  • Think very deeply about what you really desire
  • Feel the abundance of your desires being granted
  • Act as if you already have what your heart desires
  • Let it go
  • Be ready to receive
I have an uncanny ability to visualize princess parking, ie the closest spot to the front door of my destination.  Now, I need something more.  I'm going to bring my fairy godmother, as lofty as that sounds, into my world.  I need her magic wand to get waving, and it really doesn't have anything to do with finding a prince or a glitzy wardrobe either.  {wink}

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