Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Divas: Cupcakes, Coffee and Conviviality

The shaded, relaxing patio at Divas
Coffee, tea, and Divas. Divas is one of the new, hip coffee salons located in Salt Lake City just off Highland on 33rd South. I was there last Thursday with a coffee and tea social group. The most challenging part of going to Divas is finding parking. There is very little and based on the signage in driveways of the neighboring homes down the street, it's obvious that their driveways may have been inadvertently used as parking lots for Divas on occasion. I was about a block away and considered myself lucky. 

Divas kitchen is housed in a renovated garage.
We sat out on the shaded patio and enjoyed the pleasant, warm late afternoon. It was not the hour to get caffeinated, but Divas has an ample selection of Italian sodas, bottled waters, and juices. And cupcakes, both little bite-sized ones and the larger variety, piled generously with fancy icings and sprinkles. Where would we be in America if not for sprinkles? Ponder that.

Some of us also ordered dinner. I eyed the tuna sandwich, but eventually settled on a small plate, an Avocado Ceviche (say-vee-shay). Ceviche, for those non-foodies who want to know, is raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice and olive oil. I didn't know that at the time, but I know now.

When I went inside to place my order, I eyed the cozy seating areas thinking about the upcoming winter months. Yes, I begin thinking of cooler weather usually about this time of year. And ever since Cocoa Cafe closed, I've been in moderate mourning. Lost is the wonderful neighborhood cozy coffee house setting and the Italian cocoa. At least with Divas, the coziness is restored with overstuffed leather sofas and a bookshelf filled with intriguing books. Eight or so age 50+ ladies seated at a large dining room table near the restroom waiting area were discussing whether they would want to see movies or videos with lesbian sex. I couldn't help overhearing. There was nowhere else to stand in line for the ladies room. And no, I do not make things up just to blog about them. Once again a reminder this isn't Brigham Young's Salt Lake City anymore.

Avocado ceviche, a Divas delicacy
The server brought my Avocado Ceviche. Everyone oohed when they saw the colorful dish (it almost looked like an ice cream sundae cup) heaping with avocados, mangos, tomatos, and red onions, with a lime garnish. Every bite was both delicate and savory, and I'd order it again if I went back.

No, it did not contain fish, at all, and for some, this was a major food menu label violation. “It's an avocado salad,” said one person. Seriously. Where is your sense of adventure? I wouldn't have cared if it was called “Chopped Avocados and Friends,” or “Mix and Mingle in Light Green minor,” or “Bob the Builder,” but then I'm not hung up on labels, even though I was craving fish that day.
The talented acoustic guitarist
Much to our delight, an acoustic guitarist set up shortly after we arrived. His mellow, soft tunes were just right to enhance great weather, great conversation, and comfortable seating. The group was averse to photography so I refrained. And for the record, I stopped at Ream's on the way home. I have no idea what the tuna craving is all about, but I had to indulge.

The people pictured here enjoying the Divas patio are not in my coffee and tea group

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