Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wild Weekend of Music

Eleven concerts are on the agenda this weekend.  Two last night, two tonight, and seven or so at The Irish Music Festival in Deer Valley tomorrow.  This marathon kicks off my musical month of August.  It's going to be non-stop melodious fun. 

To those of my readers who are touring the world or on vacation at the beach, yes, I'm envious, but I'm trying to make the best and the most of staying home.  Park City is about as close to a vacation as it's going to get for a while.  But worry not, the job/cash flow situation is unfolding nicely, and as soon as I get paid, I'll be buying tickets to Phoenix to visit the home girls and boys, and tickets to New York to visit my son and the city itself.  And then there's that trip to Peru ... we just need to decide when we're going.

A completely unrelated side note ... I learned late last night that I'm about to become a puppy grandmother.  So excited! {yippee}

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