Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vampires Beware, I've Been Garlic Burgered

Cotton Bottom Inn
2820 East 6200 South
Cottonwood Heights Utah 84121
The Cotton Bottom Inn is located in Cottonwood Heights, just outside the sleepy little town of Holladay.

This past Wednesday was the Cottonwood Heights ladies' garlic burgers and beer soiree at the Cotton Bottom Inn, a local motorcycle bar in Cottonwood Heights just off I-215. Well, it turned out we willingly did a little annexing to our fine city to accommodate our friends who came from afar. We gradually grew to a group of seven hot babes, based on our looks, hot flashes, or the warm summer air.
The Cotton Bottom's signage is modest and vintage.
I forgot my camera that night so the photos for this post are random Sunday afternoon shots of this unassuming place and the surrounding area.

We started inside, and one of us who may need remedial beer pouring training poured a couple beers from the pitcher.  Foam everywhere!  We moved outside when a table opened up. The discussions were lively and animated. Our giggles captured the attention and at times stares of others at nearby tables.
The patio provides the perfect venue for eating that garlic burger and sipping a cold one.
The legendary garlic burger, served on a bun with cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, and lettuce, and a side of chips, was very rich and filling ... it didn't taste as garlicky as I thought they would. The waiter wasn't going to charge me except I insisted on paying. Really bad karma to dine and dash for a $6.50 garlic burger. Really bad.

In case anyone in your group detests burgers, the Cotton Bottom also serves hot dogs and a few other simple menu items. And if you are not in the mood for beer, they also have soft drinks and water (but no wine).  But be aware that people come from miles around for the garlic burgers and nobody makes 'em like Cotton Bottom. If you go for lunch with plans to head back to the office, be sure you invite all your coworkers.  And be sure to bring lots of chewing gum or breath mints.
Yes, the view of the mountains on the way back from the Cotton Bottom is really this fantastic.
{good times}

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