Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cochabamba, Do You Read Me?

Recently, I went to a party and was talking with a guy who admitted to me that he was a self-professed geek.  "Yeah, I'm sort of a geek, don't always do the party thing very well," he confessed.  Amazing there could be two of us in this world.

I love numbers.  I love data.  I love analysis.  I love to quantify things, even if when should not be quantified.  I love rank ordering, percentages, averages, minimizing, maximizing, standard deviations, and charts. Truth be told, my quant-passion emanates from my days in Mr. DiGrande's junior high school algebra class.  He used to say things like "hold the phone" when someone wasn't understanding how to do a story problem.  Then and there my love affair with math and Italian men began.   As an aside, in Italy, even the taxi drivers are breathtaking.

My favorite taxi driver in Chioggio (port at Venice), FYI.

Sorry to get sidetracked. About four or so months ago, I started tracking my blog hits to try to get an idea how many might be tuning in for an update and where they were located.  One of the biggest surprises is the number of foreign readers. Cochabamba ... Kuala Lumpur ... Hoofddorp ...  Really?  Incredible.

The list is below. The * means multiple readers from that place.  And worry not, I just have basic data like city, state, referring website (such as Facebook, Twitter, and the many blogs I cross post to), not anyone's name, street address, IP address, email addresses, or a list of the other sites visited. 

Geneva, Switzerland* 
Givatayim, Israel
London, England*
Moscow, Russia*
Seoul, Korea*
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Cologne, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Gurgaon, India
Hamburg, Germany
Hong Kong
Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Kitchener, Canada
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kumamoto, Japan
Lille, France
Mont-Royal, Canada
Mumbai, India
New Westminster, Canada
Panama City, Panama
Paris, France
Richmond, Canada
Takeo, Japan
Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Toronto, Canada
Victoria, Canada
Walton-le-Dale, United Kingdom
Zagreb, Croatia
Zurich, Switzerland

I'm not naive to the fact that my friends and family abroad have been tuning in, which explains the hits in Switzerland, Israel, London, Korea, India, and Vietnam. I applied for a job in Panama and gave them my blog link as part of the application.  As to the rest, I'm completely stumped, but, of course, flattered.
Most popular among foreign readers are my German sock fetish post and my post on foreign facials.  Most popular among all readers are the posts on surviving unemployment, Spokeo, the Green Team, and my sister wife. And lately Heather's wedding has seen many hits.

In the end, I'm not sure it matters why people read, but moreso that they do.  Still, I'll be watching as the readership grows to try to figure out this mysterious foreign connection my blog seems to have cultivated.  Sadly, my goal to have at least one reader from Mona, Utah remains unfulfilled. {waiting, impatiently}

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