Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wine and Poker Matched Set

Last Wednesday, a friend invited me as her guest to the Utah Wine Club, another of Utah's many groups.  What to wear??  The weather has finally turned warm and I like to wear soft pastels to survive the heat.  The earrings and bracelet set below, made with sodalite and green jasper, was the perfect match for my pastel blue top and sea foam green skirt.

Lucky blue sodalite and green jasper dangly wine and poker set
People were gathered around the dining room table playing poker when I arrived, more than unfashionably late.  I didn't play poker, but I had a little white wine.  The club members are very warm and friendly, and I knew a few from another social group.  One woman took a couple of us across the street to her house where she has a well appointed oasis in the desert in her back yard.  We three sat at the top of the waterfall and looked out over the expanse of the Wasatch Mountains just after sunset.  Gorgeous! and the air was not too hot or cool. 

Perfect summer evenings with mountain breezes are but one reason to live here in Utah.

When we went back across the street, the poker game was just winding up, but not quite.  My friend and I chatted non-stop the entire time, so it was a wonder the avid poker players could focus, but they did. I had a few bites of exquisite insalata caprese, while others tasted seven layer dip, a giant chocolate chip cookie, and, for some, more wine.

The evening wound up about 10:30 pm or so, sort of late for a week night, but on the way home, I recounted what a fun day I'd had ... final clean up on a resume redo for a friend who's moving and job hunting, coffee and girl talk at my house with a friend in the morning, the usual steady stream of stock market and economic monitoring, research on a stock for some friends, an hour at the gym, dinner at the Bonsai, and finally, socializing with the Utah Wine Group in such a beautiful setting. {mahvelous}

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