Monday, July 5, 2010

On Losing the Mulberry Wars

I am losing every battle and losing the war.  My yard is overrun with mulberries from my two-story mulberry tree in the center of my yard.  The birds show up every morning at 5 am for breakfast.  And then, they stay all day.  All 200 of them.  Why eat worms when mulberries abound? 
Mulberries anyone?
My mulberry tree is loaded with ripe and ripening berries.
The branches are way out of reach or I'd pick the berries and make jam or pie.

Mulberry bombs pummel the patio and grass areas.

I sweep and spray with the hose, but clearly, I am losing a battle.  Daily.
Maybe I should smash the fruit with bare feet and make it into wine.
I have had this problem since I moved to this house over a decade ago.  A couple years ago, I had a tree service come and clean out the trees, including a big portion of the tree shown here.  But this year's crop has made up for any loss of branches.

There's a lot of air traffic in my backyard.  About once an hour, I hear a distinct, loud "thud." That would be another bird drunk on berries who cannot see that he's flying into my living room window.  Fortunately, the window is strong and intact. So far.

The ominous view from below suggests more mulberry bombs will drop by the minute.
St. Francis has been dive bombed a few times ... fortunately he gets a shower every night when the sprinklers go on.
Portrait of a berry eating guest.
My bird guests make mulberry-colored poo all over the stairs, porch, and patio.

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