Thursday, July 8, 2010

Penstemon Perennial Parity Half a World Apart

The Israel side of the West Bank barrier
My son sent me the picture above of the Israeli West Bank barrier after his recent visit to Israel.  I immediately recognized the flowers as being very familiar as I have an overabundance penstemon in my front yard!

The wall was constructed by the State of Israel and is highly controversial.  Israeli soldiers guard at checkpoints and throughout the barrier's network.  At the least, the wall appears to have made life difficult for those who need to get to work or school, manage farms and businesses, obtain medical care, and visit family.  I cannot pretend to understand all of the issues, but I have found an informative television rebroadcast about the barrier on YouTube and also a four-part NPR series about the barrier, if you are interested in learning more.

The photo above shows the wall from the Israeli side.  On the Palestinian side shown below, the wall has become a means of expressing the "art of resistance" through rage and humor, with spray paint.
Graffiti on the Palestinian side of the wall is mostly written in English.

Half a world away, my flowers bloom.  Thankfully no walls.  No checkpoints.  No identification needed.  Simply another pleasant, warm and sunny Utah day. 
My flowers are reaching for the sun.

Bees are having a buzzing great time this morning.

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