Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebration: Celeste's Graduation from Paul Mitchell Academy

"If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library?"
--Lily Tomlin

I've known Celeste since she was five when she and my daughter were in the kindergarten carpool.  I'll never forget her high pitched, squeaky voice.  She and my daughter Angie used to play together in our old neighborhood and have remained friends.

Celeste's first month of cosmetology school in Houston was marked by tragedy: the sudden and unexpected death of her mom and my best friend, Michele.  Celeste has persisted in spite of a very difficult time.  Her goal was to have a way to support herself through additional college education, and eventually, graduate school in design.

Last summer, Celeste transferred to the Utah Paul Mitchell Academy, and she graduated last Saturday.  Unlike college graduation, where the dean of the college tells everyone to hold back the applause until each and every graduate's name is read, Celeste got her own graduation, with lots of personalized and loving tributes from classmates about her talents and intelligence.  And applause.  Lots of it. The festivities were followed up next day with a party at the home of Celeste's friend James, who served us delicious chicken and veggie kabobs.

With her state boards all completed and passed with flying colors, Celeste's next goal is to find a job as a hair stylist on a cruise ship so she may be sailing away very soon.

I told Celeste I'd make her some earrings since she'll soon be getting a new job and need to look the part.  Shhhhhh ... don't tell her but these are coming her way.  She loves wearing colors that show off her gorgeous blonde hair so the red coral and black bead chandelier earrings will be a fun addition to her earring wardrobe.  And the green glass and copper wire earrings will pop against her ivory complexion.

Congratulations, Celeste!

Photographs of Celeste by Breanne Unsicker

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