Thursday, June 17, 2010

My View From the Grocery Store Parking Lot

View to the southeast ... "my mountain" in the distance is near Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Late this morning when I was enroute to my lunch appointment, I was noticing once more the spectacularly beautiful mountains against the clear, blue sky.  Later today I decided that nothing would illustrate this fact more fully than standing in the grocery store parking lot a couple miles from my house.

My daughter and I have purchased jewelry at this Reams. Ah such red necks we are.
Snap, snap, snap.  Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, five snaps, three of which were chosen for this post.  But I didn't move my feet except to pivot.  I hope you get the point ... a pretty amazing view for a grocery store parking lot.

People who live in Utah say they'd be lost if they moved to a place without mountains.  The mountains shown here are to the east of the valley and city, and upon finding those, we locals determine our direction.  In any event, as you can see, Utah is a beautiful place, even if you are lost. {wink}

The view to the northeast ... Big Cottonwood Canyon is in the distance.

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