Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Quick Vacation ... This Time to Park Silly Sunday Market

Sunday morning, I could barely move from the yard clean up exertion the previous day.  That afternoon, I decided it was time for a mini vacation so I ventured up to Park Silly Sunday Market in Park City.  I have one friend who used to sell at the Silly Market.   The main reason for my visit Sunday was that another friend and blogger was the featured artist, and I'll be featuring her in a subsequent post to this one.

What's not to like about Park Silly Sunday Market? Absolutely nothing.  A few highlights ...
  • Parking was more plentiful than I'd experienced earlier this year.
  • The weather was pleasantly warm and breezy (as opposed to hot in Salt Lake City).
  • Vendors were plentiful and very friendly ... everything from handcrafted art items to Tupperware.
  • The food court had an excellent selection of ethnic foods for sale.
  • Bands were playing in two different areas, down by the food court and also up Main Street near the veggie section.
  • Porta potties were not your typical j-jon ... sinks, air conditioning, piped in music, flowers on the counter.
  • The scenery, as always, was spectacular.
Park Silly Sunday Market runs on Sundays from June 13 - September 26, from 10 am to 5 pm on lower Main Street.

Crowds visit vendors at booths at Park Silly Sunday Market along lower Main Street.
From the market, the hill is a bit of a climb but the shopping along the way is intriguing.
Park City's Main Street has an old West charm all its own.

Park Avenue's historic older homes are situated at the base of the mountain.
Two golden balancing acts perform in front of the stage.
Not the Waldorf Astoria, but the best porta potties ever!
Crowds clamored for the veggies at the market.
A band was set up at the end of this veggie row and easy parking was right across the street.

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