Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday's Tower of Leaves and Branches Ended With a Charm

Overflowing yard trimmings
Saturday day was a complete bust as far as doing anything fun.  I sanded my backyard benches with my power sander and I cleaned out the jungle, the section of the yard by my waterfall which is prone to overgrowth of ivy, volunteer trees, and other plants.  The highlight was slipping down the hill and almost falling off the six foot rock retaining wall.  I said almost.  I didn't get sunburned thanks to abundance of trees and sunscreen.  Surprise ... this morning when I rolled out of bed, my body was writhing with pain, and I'm sure it wasn't from the wine party.

I was supposed to bring a summer salad to the wine party, so I headed to the store for ingredients.  Working at GE as long as I did taught me to appreciate handsome Indian men.  I saw one such at the store where I was quickly fetching fruit, and he struck up a conversation about what I was buying versus what he was buying.  He was a gentleman, allowing me to cut in front of him in line (actually, insisting).  Maybe he and I can meet at Ream's again sometime in the spice aisle and he can give me his tikki masala recipe.
BYOWG - Green beaded wine charm to identify my glass from the rest
I had to bring my own wine glass so I quickly made a wine charm and a summer fruit salad of raspberries, blueberries, and pineapple when I got home.  And I was out the door. After driving a few miles and realizing I'd misplaced my cell phone, I went back home, then found the cell phone in the back seat.

My attack shark potholder sneaked into this picture.

The wine party was so relaxing. The evening weather was perfect and the hostess had a magical backyard with abundant flora and fauna, even a grape vine covered patio.  In addition to wine, we ate summer fruit and veggie dishes.  This was a new group for me, but of course being Salt Lake City as it is, I met people who knew my friends, others met people who knew people, and I remembered where I'd met some other people before, after they left (I knew they looked familiar).  We had compelling and pleasant conversation til the moment I left around 11:30 and the party was not over.

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