Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oil Spill Cleanup Technician Wanna Be ... That's Me

I'm in a Facebook group, INAFJ, which stands for I Need a Flipping Job.  We both know "F" does not stand for "flipping" but you get the idea.  The group is non-stop banter with job ideas, unemployment issues, and exposing of politicians of both political parties for their ongoing hot air regarding the unemployment situation in America.

News articles such as "don't apply here if you don't have a job" have surfaced on INAFJ.  Such screening by prospective employers automatically and categorically excludes the unemployed.  The reason: if you got laid off, it may have been for performance reasons.  Yeah, right, like all 15 million of us.  Just for the record, I consider that type of screening to be highly offensive, unethical, unfair, cruel, stupid, and disgusting on every level.  I have the reviews to prove my performance was anything but substandard.

But anyway ... yesterday, someone posted an application for employment at Shamrock Environmental Corporation. Shamrock, among others, is tasked with oil spill clean up in four states, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.  The pay was only $13, but the job included housing, transportation to the job site, food per diem of $26/day, and lots of overtime work/pay.  I saw that and said, "I'm going."

I hastily printed out the application.  How I would LOVE to go. Definitely.  I've been cleaning up messes my whole life so I am totally experienced. I'm mentally and physically able to work.  And yes, I would like to be part of the solution instead of the blame game that has impaired resolution and continued long beyond its usefulness. 

Unfortunately, by the time I got the seven page application printed and my pen out (within minutes of seeing the posting), another INAFJ member posted that the company was no longer taking applications, as shown on the web site above.  That fast.  I'm glad this awful oil spill situation is being addressed, I hope it is contained soon, I hope the clean up is speedy and complete, and I hope people who are in greatest need get jobs, even temporary jobs.  And yes, I hope BP has to pay, a whole lot more than the $20 billion already committed.

As to me and the job situation ... still looking, but making alternative plans out of necessity.  {still smiling}

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