Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Little Drama Courtesy of My Rose Quartz Bracelet

Last evening, I switched out of my yoga attire for a skirt and sweater set, complete with a rose quartz earrings and bracelet duo.  The bracelet was a $2 gem show find, and I made the cute new earrings the night before. 

Charming pink rose quartz earrings with dangles
My destination was the local singles social event at The Bayou.  I circled the block three times to find parking in downtown Salt Lake City, and arrived at a spot that was anything but princess parking, ie it was two blocks away from the front door.  Before long, I was sitting at the bar, ordering a beer and water (remember me, watering down everything due to my austere lifestyle), then moving to a section of tables in the back with about 20 people, most of whom I'd never met before.

So ... I heard this noise that sounded like someone was throwing rocks on the table. Small rocks but rocks nonetheless.  All of the sudden, I look down and see ohmygosh, it's rose quartz stones.  All over the table. Quickly, I identified the offending item - my rose quartz bracelet - slipped it under the table and removed it to my purse.

The sad, busted rose quartz stretchy bracelet
Amazingly ... no one around me acknowledged they saw this happen, and I didn't exactly say anything either. Still, I hope none of the rose quartz pieces went onto anyone's plate and/or down their throat.  Perhaps everyone was sufficiently engrossed in the conversation about New York, the sweet potato fries in front of us, or maybe the beer. Yeah, it was probably the beer.

Ah my cheap jewels.  Even though the bracelet was inexpensive at $2, however, I recall seeing a very similar one in Alaska a couple years ago for $22 at one of those cruise ship gift stores (all the more reason not to shop at such places).  Obviously the gem show offers wholesale pricing and the markup at tourist attractions is a form of highway (waterway) robbery.

Looking on the bright side, I now have some new rose quartz beads to make a new piece.  And I met a few new friends, too. {giggle}

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