Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad Is Such An Honest Guy ... I Don't Think He's Even Told a Fish Tale!

My mom thinks my dad looked like Leonard DiCaprio when he was young
 My dad is educated, well informed, funny, smart, and handy around the house.  He's very handsome and a great dancer.  All these years, he's been a good provider for our family.  My dad has a keen sense of history ... he was always saying, "Susie, this is history" when important events such as the moon landing or Nixon's resignation happened.  But perhaps the most important gift he's given me is the gift of integrity.
My dad and I, enjoying the Chicago snow
When I was young, our family went to Mexico on a day trip.  My brother wanted to buy fireworks.  My dad told him that the border patrol would probably confiscate them.  We bought them anyway.  Sure enough, the border patrol asked if we had fireworks and my dad told the truth.  The border patrol took our fireworks.  My brother, in particular, was quite upset ... upset at the border patrol, at the situation, and probably at my dad.  That was a long ride home to West Covina that night.  I'm sure we didn't completely understand the ramifications if my dad had tried to "slip by" but he did as he worked for the federal government.  Regardless of his employment, it's always been my dad's practice to tell the truth and to require the same of us.  As a result of my Dad's example then and on many other occasions, my brothers and I have zero tolerance for dishonesty, something we have passed on to our children, too.

Once, when my daughter was in high school, she asked, "Mom, are you always honest because you're in banking?"  Gulp.  "No," I replied, "I'm honest because my parents taught me being honest was the right thing to do."  I had tears in my eyes thinking about my dad and his mandate for integrity.  He's always required it of himself and of us.  And I'm glad.  And no, I don't even think he's told a fish story!  But then he doesn't need to because he always catches big ones, and usually several.

My dad is a great fisherman, too!
 Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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