Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mom's Birthday Violet Jasper Vavoom Jewelry Set

Assorted violet jasper and pearls

A larger view

With the gem show coming this month, I have one thing on my mind: buying more gemstones. For some reason, I have this insatiable love of real gemstones.  I LOVE their smooth, cool touch.  I LOVE learning about their history, and magical and healing properties.  I LOVE their colors and patterns.  And I LOVE their shapes.  The stones above are purple-violet Jasper from which I created a birthday necklace, bracelet, and earrings for my mom.  My mom says she loves the bracelet because it's just the right size for her wrist and the clasp makes it easy to put on.

Finished violet jasper bracelet

Finished violet jasper earrings and necklace

Jasper is used for protection. Those who need to think on their feet may benefit from wearing Jasper.  In Feng Shui circles, Jasper helps to absorb change through balance.  Each color of Jasper has specific properties.  Violet is the color of the 7th (crown) Chakra.  Those who wear violet seek spirituality, wisdom, and excitement.  That describes my mother!  Also, Violet helps to align the wearer with the oneness of the Universe.

The week after my mom's birthday, I was already working on two other sets for Mother's Day.   They're not shown here.  The week I made them, I put them on display on the dining room table.  (Sometimes, I am my greatest fan, perhaps as it should be.)  The beautiful pearls "mined" from Jewelry Connie's collection of leftover jewelry, black crystals, and silver plated spacers ... oh so fine.  And ... the day after I finally sent off the package to my mom, I realized I didn't take a photograph first.  Mom is sending the piece back for an adjustment, so I'll get another chance. {thank goodness for second chances}


  1. Great article. You must photo the black set! I absolutely love all of this jewelry. Many compliments as well.